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School Supplies

Sixth Grade Supply List


  • 2 GRAPHING notebook for math 

  • 3 composition notebooks for literacy, science 

  • 5 Folders 

  • 2 packages of loose leaf paper

  • 1 pair of earbuds

  • 1 supply bag/pencil pouch

  • 1 pair of scissors

  • 2 packages of 24 pencils per semester (the more the better!)

  • 1 package of markers

  • 1 eraser

  • 1 handheld pencil sharpener

  • 1 package black or blue pens

  • 1 package colored pencils 

  • 2 glue sticks

  • 1 black Sharpie

  • 4 pack colored highlighters (ex: green, yellow, pink, blue)

  • 2 (or more!) boxes of kleenex

  • 4 pack dry erase markers


  • 3 ring or accordion file folder or other organizational system as needed

  • Sticky Notes

  • Ruler


Art - Pencil

FACS - Additional Sewing Supplies will be needed during the quarter

I.T./Desktop Publishing - Flash Drive (recommended)

Orchestra - Black folder and pencils

PE/Health - Students will purchase a TMS PE shirt or provide a blue shirt for PE days

World Languages - Notebook and pencils

Seventh Grade Supply List

Grade(s): 7th Grade•All Seventh Grade Teachers•2023-2024

3  Box(es) of Facial TissuesFor PRO

2  Spiral Notebook Wide RuledFor Science

3  Glue SticksFor Science, or 3 rolls of tape

1  Box(es) of #2 PencilsFor Science

1  Colored Pencils, Box(es)For Science

HighlightersFor Science, pack

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (bleach free), Canister(s)For Science

Spiral Notebook Wide RuledFor Social Studies

Scissors for Social Studies

Glue SticksFor Social Studies, pack

Colored Pencils, Box(es)For Social Studies

Package(s) of Graph PaperFor Math

Composition Notebook Wide Ruled For Math 

Spiral Notebook Wide RuledFor Math

RulerFor Math

Dry Erase MarkersFor Math, pack

Box(es) of #2 PencilsFor Math 

Pocket FoldersFor Math 

Package(s) of Index CardsFor Math

EXPO White Board Eraserfor math 

CalculatorFor Math, Personal Handheld

Spiral Notebook Wide RuledFor ELA, or composition notebooks 

Box(es) of #2 PencilsFor ELA, or pens

Box(es) of #2 PencilsFor Art

Sewing SuppliesStudents taking FACS will receive a list from the teacher

Flash DriveStudents taking I.T./Desktop Publishing will need one

Pocket Folders, BlackStudents taking Orchestra will need one 

Box(es) of #2 PencilsStudents taking Orchestra will need a box 

ShirtFor PE/Health, students will purchase a TMS PE shirt or provide a blue shirt for PE days

Spiral Notebook Wide RuledStudents taking Spanish will need one 

Box(es) of #2 PencilsStudents taking Spanish will need a box

Eighth Grade Supply List

Shared between Core Classes:


Colored Pencil/Sharpies (optional)

Glue Sticks (optional)


2 boxes of Tissues


Composition Notebook 

Graph Paper

Dry Erase Marker


Composition Notebook (College Ruled)


Social Studies:




Electives will let the students know what they need to bring